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'New Year, New Me' What a load of BS.

As the clock struck midnight on New Year's Eve. I didn’t feel elated with a 'wipe the slate clean' attitude. I entered the new year with dread and fear. Another year of being in the adult world of crap. Where every day seems to be a slight uphill struggle in one way or another.
I know you may look at my Instagram feed and think - she has everything. Why the bloody hell is she moaning? That's right, I have a lot. And I'm very lucky to have got to where I've got to. I haven't got there without multiple knockbacks, disappointment and dropping negativity on the way. In my eyes, there's still a long way to go from achieving my dreams. 
Yes, I’m being miserable. Yes, I’m being a pessimist. And yes, I know my years aren’t THAT bad. There are people far better off and far worse off than me. I’ve had some cracking times and I know those times will come again. But what a new year does bring is uncertainty. Uncertainty in so many forms. And for an anxiety-ridden con…

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