12 Reasons Why Everyone Should Love Peanut Butter

Another food post about my love of another fatty food...peanut butter! 

1. It's 'delish'
2. You can make cracking meals from it, for example shove it with some soy sauce and you have the perfect stir fry - simple! 
3. It comes in different forms, feeling romantic...go for the smooth! (So cheesy!) 
4. It's spreadable, nobody wants to battle with a piece of toast at 7am.
5. Add sliced banana to some smooth peanut butter on a piece of toast, you have a tasty breakfast/snack - remember your five a day!
6. Peanut butter milkshakes are just scrummy.
7. Spread on a cut up apple for a snack...you've now had two of your five a day! 
8. Now you've had two of your five a day, you might as well pass over the peanut butter cookies. Another brilliant invention evolved from a little jar of peanut butter! 
9. Peanut butter does have some goodness to it (kind of!) 
10. We wouldn't have been blessed with the peanut butter jelly time song if peanut butter didn't exist!
11. It can be used as a face mask - excellent! 
12. Finally, to all you veggie/vegans out there it's suitable for you guys too - everyone can enjoy peanut butter...yay!! 


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