A little taster...

So, here's a little starter note about who I am, what I do blah blah blah.... I am a student at the University of Westminster in the amazing London Town. I am studying Contemporary Media Practice and will be going into my final year of Uni in September. I am lucky enough to have to have two part time jobs one based in London at Global Radio working as part of the street team and the other (the job since I was 16) working as a waitress at a hotel called the Felbridge Hotel. It's very nice...I recommend a visit! I go back to work there in the term breaks. I'm interested in anything fashion and food based so expect to see a lot of that from me, as well as some beauty experiments too. I'd say I'm a fun, jokey person so don't expect anything too serious! 

That's the boring bit over! Apart from the fact that you guys don't know my name yet, I'm Sophie by the way, Sophie Edwards, but I've used the name 'The Cracked Mirror Project' for a reason. This sounds simple but there's more to it than this next sentence! I'm an extremely superstitious person and a couple of months ago I cracked a mirror, worst day ever! I thought rather than use this as a negative I might as well make a positive out of it and show you lovely people my interests and thoughts by using the damaged object. It's also slightly interesting looking at the irony involved in it as I'll be posting about how my body looks, female thoughts etc. and the 'cracked' mirror can insinuate the cracks I see In myself and what most women will see everyday. I forgot to mention, I'm extremely interested in feminist ideas and opinions, I am one myself...move aside Beyoncé, Sophie is here! I also will be using the blog as a future project at Uni but that's all you need to know for the time being as it's on rocky ground at the moment.

First blog post done (phew!). I guess you just need to see the mirror now!


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