Bourjois Event

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The reason behind me doing a blog was because I was working at the bourjois summer event last night with my global radio job that I mentioned earlier in my previous post. After speaking to some of the young, talented females out there and being told I should just go for it I have. I've been meaning to do it for ages but kept putting it off as I was scared what people would think (cracked mirror you see.) The event was set on the roof terrace of the global radio building on Leicester square. Beautiful views, beautiful weather, beautiful goodies and beautiful people what more could you ask for!

I was lucky enough to walk away with some goodies myself. The bourjois summer collection is delightful especially when it smells like chocolate!! 

I wanted to show you the before and afters of the littles treats I was given last night. 

Cheeky photo of us capital street stars doing our thing (kind of!)

These were the goodies I was very grateful to receive. 

The bourjois ladies were giving away free manicures so I slipped away from working for about 5 minutes. How beaut is this colour!? I was lucky enough to receive it in my goodie bag. No. 9 so laque glossy range.

I am also wearing:
Watch - Olivia Burton
Bracelet - Pandora 
Ring - Topshop

Here's the before and after shot, complete with cheese phone case!

I am wearing:

Concealer - Collection 2000 
This is perfect if you're on a budget like I am as a student. It doesn't break the bank and is perfect for covering dark under eye circles as it's quite thick. Ideal for covering the occasional spot too!

Foundation - No.7 Perfect Match range
I'm fortunate with my skin that I don't need to wear foundation I just choose to as I feel it makes me look better. (Cracked mirror effect) if you're like me this is great, it's light and is made it match your skin. Another item in my make up bag that doesn't break the bank either!

Blusher - Bourjois Cream Blush (no.5)
As this was in the goodie bag I couldn't resist, I love the velvety-ness it has on your skin. I also thought I'd give myself a break from my usual Bobbi Brown blusher. 

Bronzer - Bourjois Délice de Poudre (bronzing powder)
Goodness me, I need a tan! This stuff is a pot of gold...literally! It smells like chocolate and looks great, I don't think it gets much better than this. I placed this under my cheek bones to give a slight contouring effect however for a daytime look I think contouring can be a bit too much.

Mascara - Maxfactor Wild Mega Volume
It's bad but I like to keep new things new for as long as possible...what a sad case! So I didn't want to open my bourjois mascara as well as the other stuff so I just stuck to my usual mascara.

Eyeliner - Bourjois Contour Clubbing
This again is from the new summer range at bourjois, it's waterproof which is ideal for summer days by the pool. I was given the brown colour which is ideal for my skin tone, especially during the day. I placed this on the top part of my eye in the eye lid, I agree this isn't to everyone's taste but for me it opens out my eyes. I also doubled the pencil up to add some darkness to my eyebrows. Please excuse them in the photo by the way they are due a wax and a tint desperately!

Lipstick - Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition
I've saved the best to last here, this stuff is amazing!! It lasts forever which is ideal if you're a party around the clock girl, especially with late nights/early mornings on your girls holidays. It is completely matte so no hair sticking to your lips in the breeze either...hallelujah! In the photo I am wearing colour no.7 and in last nights photo I was in no.8. I want all 8 colours if I'm honest!


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