Double Trouble

As promised, I wanted to show you guys a skirt/top set that I've bought from Fashion Union (ignore the unprepared half smile!). This online store is fairly new or I've only just discovered it by its adverts around the London Underground etc. I thought I'd jump in quick before it becomes too popular and everyone is using it! This brand is called Vera and Lucy. I love this print, I like to be different and it is definitely different. The dolphins are fun and cute plus not many people go around wearing dolphins! This style of fit hides lumpy bits perfectly, we all have them girls! I did buy another two piece from here too, it was a short/top combo but the only complaint I have is that the sizes do come up pretty small. In the photo above I am wearing a 'medium' suggested for a size 12 and it is very snug around the waist. If you want lose fitting clothes like I normally do, I suggest going a size bigger. I also love two pieces because you don't have to wear them together, throw on a black vest with the skirt for a casual daytime look or add black jeans to the top ideal with a pair of blue heels for a smart/casual meeting in a bar after work. 3 outfits from one buy! Fashion Union itself is a very good online store with a lot of choice and as I'm a student it is perfect for my bank balance.

Outfit - Fashion Union
Shoes - Topshop


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