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I've been having a clear out of my Uni flat today as I'm moving out officially in about a month. I absolutely love burgers, all my friends find it hilarious how much I love them. I don't stop going on about them whether it's five guys to McDonald's I just love them...and my waistline is showing that too!

I have a burger book that I've dug out today and it's apt for the lovely weather, admittedatly a bit breezy but still lovely here in England. This post is not only about my love of burgers but a bit of dedication to my boyfriend who is working in America this summer. It's their 4th July celebrations today so lots of BBQ's and burgers everywhere.

If you're a burger fan like myself I strongly recommend investing in this book.

Below are the items that I would put on my burgers.

The perfect burger:
- Bacon YUM
- Mushrooms YUM
- Cheese (burger cheese) YUM
- Spinach YUM
- Griddled onions YUM
- Ketchup YUM
- Mustard YUM

I also like to add pickled beetroot to my burgers double yum, very messy because of the colour but so tasty...just make sure you don't wear anything white!

The perfect chicken burger:
- Bacon YUM
- Spinach YUM
- Cheese (cheddar, grated) YUM
- Spring onions YUM
- Sour Cream YUM

Again, you could add beetroot to this burger. It's very summery and better for your waistline. I have also added spinach to both recipes, I prefer this to lettuce because lettuce can sometimes be slightly tangy. Whereas spinach is refreshing and very good for you.

The perfect veggie burger (not my first choice!)
- Halloumi cheese YUM
- Grilled red pepper YUM
- Tzatziki YUM
- Rocket leaves YUM
- Sliced red onion YUM

I would add spinach to this too as clearly I am pop eye the sailor! If you wanted to make this into a meat dish you could add a lamb kofta as it's very Greek, perhaps put it in a pitta instead of a bun too.


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