Long distance

As mentioned in my previous blog post I am currently in a long distance relationship and this is not just at two separate universities. No, no we've had that for the past year, me and my boyfriend are currently trying to make things work in two different continents, time zones and an 8 hour flight and 6 hour coach journey apart. I'm writing this post about the things that no one understands unless they are going through a similar thing with their partner.

1. It's not easy
2. Everyone keeps asking how you're getting on, he's not gone forever ok!
3. But now they've asked you that, you open up the can of worms and can't stop pouring your heart out. 
4. Consequently drunken nights ALWAYS end in tears.
5. You can't tell him things you would if he was at home because by the time he wakes up you're over that tiff with the cashier at supermarket.
6. Then you get grouchy with him for not being awake at 4 in the morning his time so you can tell the story, god dammit!!
7. FaceTime always freezes...grr
8. People for some reason both think you're single because you're apart...no no you can stop creeping on me now.
9. You stop your day so you can talk to them. 
10. Time zones are s*!?
11. You count down the days until they're home.
12. This makes time feel slower, just another 456789435670321 million days until he's home.
13. You miss them everyday
14. FaceTime is reconnecting.
15. Happy couples make you feel like you're single again, eurgh get a room!!
16. You feel like ending the relationship for 5 minutes.
17. Then are filled with guilt for the following 24 hours for thinking such a thing.
18. You think about all the fun, summery things you could be doing together yet you're doing them with your mum instead.
19. Being invited to his family dinners on special occasions and seeing the empty chair is a form of mild torture.
20. Finally, number 20...FaceTime cancelled due to poor connection...call back?

The positives:
1. It makes you appreciate what you have. That's the only positive you need.


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