Thai Salad

So as already mentioned, I absolutely love food!! I enjoy cooking when I have the right ingredients which doesn't happen at Uni I can assure you! So at home I make the most of he opportunity. I like to help my mum out with the accompaniments to a dinner. As mentioned in my previous post I'm trying to lose weight so this is ideal.

Here's a little Thai bean salad, I served it with homemade fishcakes and peanut noodles.

For the Dressing:
1Tbsp Soy Sauce
1/2Tsp Sesame oil
1Tsp Sugar
1 Dessert Spoon Sweet Chilli Sauce
1Tsp Plum Sauce
1Tsp Paprika

Blanch the beans. Above I used mange tout and french beans, but you can use whatever beans you like. Mix the ingredients for the dressing together (doesn't matter which way round you add them). If the dressing is too watery add cornflour to thicken. Add the beans to cold icy water once removed from the boiling water. Then add the beans to the dressing and toss. Once on the plate, sprinkle with spring onions. Perfecto!


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