The 30 day challenge

I've been wanting to post this for a while and only just had the guts to as it's a very personal and sensitive subject for me, as well as many other young girls/women. I'm hoping that some of you can relate to the following issues that I mention. 

I've recently joined a gym and I'm trying to get myself back into shape. I'm starting the '30 day ab challenge' as well as the '30 day squat challenge'. From what I've seen and heard they do seem to work and they're all over the internet if you want to give it a go yourself. I've always had a problem with weight and have never seemed to get the balance right. I went through a stage when I was 14 where I got my weight down to 7 stone....for a 5ft 7 girl you can imagine the fact that I looked like a bag of bones. I've also gone on the other end of the scale where I've weighed 11+ stone, equally as unhealthy. I find when I'm at Uni I lose so much weight and weigh an average of 9 and a half stone...perfect! As soon as I'm home I balloon because of the yummy treats mama bear buys. There is such a variety of choice and I simply have no willpower to say no because I just love food (If I haven't already mentioned it enough!!) because of this I've decided I can still eat nice things and workout instead of cutting things out of my life which is bad for you anyway. I'll end up craving food and eating more when I get down to my ideal weight if I cut things out of my diet. I just need to learn the art of moderation.

I'm not going to post a photo of the 'before' yet, but I will post a comparison photo in 30 days have my word! Below is a photo of when I started Uni and wanted to lose weight then...oops! I'm posting this so you can see what I roughly look like now (minus the tan!). 

Posting this has been very tricky as I hate people seeing me without my clothes on. When I have my clothes on I feel confident as soon as they're off I feel very vulnerable. 


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