I'm a geek and I don't care...

As it was national literacy day on Monday I am going with a school and English theme for this post. 

Today I went to staples and bought all my bits for Uni and planning for my blog including a new rather professional diary...whitwoo! I'm such a geek when it comes to stationary, I absolutely love it and it's not completely necessary for this post but I just wanted to show off my new highlighters and sharpener to be honest (it looks like an ice cream!) I am also partial to a bit of colouring, I use it as a form of therapy when I'm stressed, so new pencils are the best things for me! 

What I actually wanted to do this post about was a book review, my first ever book review in fact! 

As mentioned on twitter when I was away on my holiday I was starting this....

This book is a must read. It's written by J.K Rowling which means it is obviously very well written. I am a romance novel girl and if I'm being honest I wasn't expecting much, however this kept me very interested, especially the final 200 pages...I couldn't put the book down! It's all about a private detective so it is obviously a crime novel. I believe it is one of many to come and I would read he next one so I find out more detail about Cormoran Strike the main character. I like to work out the endings of books because I'm a bit weird and I guessed the suspect right, this didn't spoil the book at all because I doubted my initial guess every chapter when a new character was thrown into the mix... this shows a good crime novel. The only thing I would criticise and it actually hasn't got anything to do with the book, just my incapability to concentrate when on holiday! I did find it was quite heavy and I had to concentrate quite hard...if you're like me and want to relax on a holiday then I recommend saving this for a train journey. Apart from that go out and buy buy buy! 


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