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Once again my blog has been pretty quiet the past week or so and that's because I've been so busy moving back to Uni, seeing friends and just sorting everything out really! 

To those of you that follow my twitter or read my previous blog post, I've been trying to let you know the national days that I personally find funny or interesting. This blog post is just a catch up from the past week that I've missed....

Back on Saturday the 13th (it seems like ages ago!) it was a pretty busy day for national days, I was particularly upset I missed it because it was defy superstition day, as a superstitious person this was important to me but I've kind of missed the boat now! I just want to let you all know for next year! It was also positive thinking day, fortune cookie day, peanut day and Roald Dahl day...who knew he had a day dedicated to him, well deserved but wow! 

Sunday 14th: was eat a 'hoagie' day, if you're thinking what is a 'hoagie', which you probably are, don't worry I've done the googling for you! It's a sub sandwich, so make some tasty subs people! 

On Monday I was on the band wagon and got involved with national 'make a hat' day. (Even if mine was a bit small!)

On Tuesday I unfortunately missed guacamole day as I was at London Fashion Week (that will be my next blog post) but again get ready for next year and put it in your dairy people, 16th September is guacamole day.

On Thursday it was my favourite day....CHEESEBURGER DAY! So I obviously had to make one! 
I put it in a seedy roll and included:
Two slices of burger cheese
A slice of bacon
Caramelised onions
A homemade burger
Obviously all of which came to under 200 calories....I wish! 

On Friday it was talk like a pirate day, I posted a picture on twitter that I was watching a pirate programme whilst babysitting my niece and obviously talking like a pirate! It was also butterscotch pudding day, I would have attempted to try and make one but saying bye to my girls came first so once again next year it will be done! 

Today was miniature golf day, unfortunately the weather was not the best for mini golf which is always the way in England! 

I have finally caught up, yay!! Now I'm settling in I hope my blog posts are more frequent, I just need to be careful to not let it take over my dissertation work...eeek! 


  1. I wish I had have known it was cheeseburger day on Thursday lol! Also loving the hat, very chic lol :D

    Lorraine x

    1. Everyday should be cheeseburger day! Thank you, I thought as it's all the fashion weeks I thought I better get creative with some new accessories! Haha

      Sophie x


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