I have wanted to do this post for ages but I have been a busy bee and have finally finished work, so it means no more work on Sundays for a couple of weeks...yay!! 

Every Sunday from now on I will give you 'Sophie's Sunday Morning Smoothie'. I love, love, love smoothies and it's just perfect for everyday of the week but especially with a brunch on a Sunday watching 'Sunday brunch' on channel 4...perfect! The best part about a smoothie is that it is super easy, even better when you're most likely hungover on a Sunday morning. 

Here's my ingredients, you don't need a guide...chuck it all in he blender and yum yum yum!! 

The only guidance I will give, only put a dessert spoon of flaxseed in, it's a strong fibre and you don't want a tummy ache! This made about 4 glasses, whizz it up and enjoy this summery drink that will cure any hangover! 


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