The Gym Didn't Quite 'Work Out'

I apologise for my absence, but I am back with my outcome from the 'ab' and 'squat' challenge.

As promised I would try the 'ab' and 'squat' challenge and give you an update of my progress. Don't get me wrong I do believe these could work with motivation... I had no motivation! I wanted to do it for you guys and I tried, I promise I really, really tried! I started work experience a week after the 30 days started and that threw me completely off balance, I put my all into work experience and lost track of everything else. I maintained healthy eating throughout my two weeks and managed to lose 5lbs. This is a pure example that you don't need to go to the gym to lose weight or look better. I wasn't not eating, I would have a bowl of cereal for breakfast, a snack at 11 for example a piece of fruit, I massive salad for lunch...with dressing and I would have what I wanted for dinner. No diet involved, I just made sure my lunch was a salad or something from itsu. The coconut chicken soup is a massive recommendation!!

I was also going to the gym and two personal training sessions, this is now over. I do believe gyms are overrated and people feel they have to join so they look like celebrities because it is part of our culture now. I ended up gaining weight, I know this was because I built muscle and I definitely noticed that. However, I looked better before I joined the gym than I did when I finished. I haven't been to the gym for over a month now but I still keep fit by walking and doing a bit of dancing around the house....but shhh no one knows that! This is for women and men too as a little sign to say that the gym isn't for everyone and don't feel obliged to go, it may not suit your body or you may simply hate it. One thing I would say is that don't join unless you know for a fact you will enjoy it because once you sign that contract you can't get out of it, I am paying that price now (literally!).


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