12 Things Everybody Should Know About Work Experience

As a uni student I need all the help I can get when breaking into the media industry. Once I graduate in less than a year I will be so grateful (not that I'm not already!) for pushing myself and getting work experience during studying. Back in April I did work experience with Forever Sports Magazine at Haymarket in Teddington. I worked on the fashion and lifestyle desk. Forever Sports is a mens magazine, so I had to get in contact with PR companies, run around London picking up and dropping off samples and sorting out the magazine pages before they went to print. In july through to August I worked for Debenhams PR so I was on the other side of what I had done previously and I had some bonuses chucked in!

I have built up a list of the positives and negatives that everybody should know about work experience.

1. You never know who you'll meet - It's not about what you know but you know!
2. Following on from number 1. you therefore have to be on top form.
3. Don't be afraid to ask questions (or for more work!)
4. Jump in at the deep end - yes it's scary but you won't learn anything if you don't push yourself.
5. Reap what you sow (how holy!) by this I mean if you work hard someone will notice and you will get rewards.
7. Make friends with people - there's nothing wrong with being nice!
8. You are at the bottom of the food chain, expect to do the rubbish tasks and don't sulk about it!
9. But if you feel they are taking the mickey then do the job quickly and ask to try something more challenging - I'm positive they will help.
10. Ask what people's roles are, it might help you assess what you do and don't want to do within a team.
11. You're not going to get on with everyone - just stay calm and collected...BREATHE!
12. Finally, if you enjoy it ask if you can come back sometime. The likelihood of them saying no if they've seen potential is slim. They will get in contact with you if they want you back but it is a two way street and you need to persevere too.

I was lucky enough to get the work experience with such big companies, the problems I faced after finishing at Forever Sports was there wasn't enough desk space for me to continue work there.
As mentioned previously, I was lucky enough to get little extra bonuses especially from Debenhams because I worked hard.
I was given some vouchers as well as getting to take home some clothes from the sample sale.(YAY!) Whilst I was on my second week with them over the summer, they had an Ultimo event in the press room...who can complain about a glass of champagne at your desk! I was also invited back to set up the PR office ready for their Christmas show, the following day I got to attend as a guest so I could post things on here...so that's what I'm going to do! (even though it was a while ago)

This was in the Reception of the concierge services where the lift to the PR office is. It's meant to look like a home edition of the north pole!

The poor men that spent three hours re-decorating the lift deserved a photo credit!

This was in the Reception of the PR office - I love the jumper wall! 

This was my favourite item from the show - let it be mine please!

So many gift ideas - I am so going to Debenhams for pressies.

I need somewhere to wear an evening gown to - they are simply beautiful!

The canapés were the best bit for a foodie like me! I tried the lobster and crab sub rolls and the goats cheese and fig crostini's. 

We were also given a memory stick full of all the Christmas products - I even added a bit of glitter for that extra feel of Christmas!

So don't be afraid to get on work experience, I applied to other companies and didn't hear a thing back. Persevere and you will get there - I promise!


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