Valentine Eats

If you know me personally you know I am a foodie. I love food. As long as I have nice food I am a happy girl. It's great and I love it *Wake up from dream state Sophie!* I could keep going forever!

We are approaching the 'love month' tomorrow and for me it's not about love, or relationships. It's about love for food and your relationship with, you guessed! Valentines day fills me with stress every year, what if I don't find the right place to eat!!!? Yes, I get to spend another year with my boyfriend lovely jubbly, but the main basis of our relationship is our love for tasty food so if this goes wrong all hell will break loose!

I know the thought of going to a restaurant surrounded by smug couples and oodles of public displays of affection isn't the nicest thought in the world (well I know it's certainly not mine!) but find the right place to eat and you will be incredibly happy. Here's my little guide of where I've eaten before/would like to try for the perfect valentines evening in London.

If you're a 'splash the cash' kind of couple:

  • Benihana's - Last year was my first Valentine's with my boyfriend and we went to Benihana's in Chelsea. There are a number of restaurants dotted around central London so you don't have to specifically go to that one. The black cod in particular was exquisite. I hugely recommend this place, not just for valentines day but for any special occasion. It will make your mind blow when you see the skills the chefs have. Also, if you're worried about where your food has come from, cleanliness or how it is cooked you have nothing to worry about as it is cooked right before your eyes. 
  • Gilgamesh - I haven't been to Gilgamesh but I have heard very good views. If you're a couple that likes to party then this is the place to go sushi and dancing...what more could you ask for?!
  • Quaglino's - I went here just before Christmas. One word...lush. It was lively and there is live music too, my kind of restaurant! So if you can get a table in here then you have to go. It is beautiful and you MUST try the cocktails. 

If you're a last minute, rush in rush out kind of couple:

*Expect long queues it's valentines day*

  • Bubba Gump - This is in the heart of London just off of Leicester Square. I experienced Bubba Gump in New York and haven't tried London's one yet. However the menu is the same and it is DELISH! You can't pre book so be prepared for a little wait.
  • Five Guys - Well it wouldn't be a food post from me without a mention of a burger. These are beaut but again the queues will be very long. If you're on a budget then this won't break the bank too!

Even if you've made plans I bet you're tempted to cancel them now eh?!

If you're an early bird kind of couple:

If you can't be bothered with the evening rush then why not take a trip to brunch! This could even be good for February 15th when a few sore heads are in tow!

  • The Book Club - I haven't been here but the breakfast menu looks tasty.
  • Cereal Killer Cafe - This is the newest, trendiest cafe around at the moment with queues out the door. Only go here if you like cereal because there isn't much else! I am still yet to try this place. You could even head on over to the book club if you're not full enough after as they are both situated around Shoreditch/Brick Lane.
  • Banners - If you're around the Wood Green area of London then go to banners. If you love a big portion for a reasonable amount of money hen go here. With all day breakfast, delicious smoothies and a whole range of jamaican based cuisine you will find it very difficult to choose your order. 

If you're a sweet tooth kind of couple:

Well there is one place I can suggest for this and that is 'SNOG' if you're a dessert kind of couple who skip past the savoury (innuendo not intended!) then this is definitely the right place for you. Also pretty good for the old waist line ladies and gents as it's frozen yogurt. It's fast food and you can have a romantic stroll through the streets of London.

This was a photo taken back in summer....mmmmmm!

If you're a "this is too much for me lets get a takeaway" kind of couple:

Don't get a takeaway because it probably won't arrive! If you can't be bothered with the love sharing business going on around you then just share it at home with each other. Choose a tasty recipe and cook what you like. There's no harm in trying to keep a little romance going, it's in the privacy of your own home.

*Obviously it's going to be pretty booked up in places, so I'm sorry if some of these are booked by the time you try and book.*

Have a lovely evening, whatever you do decide to do. 


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