Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Valentine's day is heading towards us like a steam train. If you've read my 'Valentine Eats' post you'll hopefully have somewhere to eat but now comes the second dun dun dun of the day....PRESENTS. This is daunting for a couple especially if it's still pretty fresh. Most of the gifts that are VDay related are pretty sick bucket worthy - Have no fear Sophie is here! (Can't believe I just wrote that!)

This blog post is for once aimed at men (and women). I know what you lads are like and you're not very proactive when it comes to getting gifts. Don't just pick her up a cheap bunch of pink roses because everywhere has sold out of the red ones. Get going now - you haven't got long and if you order online remember you need next day delivery.

Well quite frankly this is the easiest bit for me, girls are super easy to buy for and I'm basically just writing my own wish list down here *HINT HINT TO THE BOYF*

If she's a beauty lover:

HEAD TO ANY BENEFIT/MAC/NARS COUNTER NOW. that is all. Now that you've bought her all that make up, she's going to need somewhere to put it. Make up bag - Not on High Street  This make up bag will put a smile upon her lovely freshly made up face.

If she's a 'diamonds are a girls best friend' kind of girl:

Okay, this isn't particularly diamonds but these Monica Vinader Bracelet's are super cute and understated. You can have them engraved too for an extra sentimental touch. If your girl is a watch girl then Olivia Burton is the way to go. I already have one of these and they are definitely going to overtake the Michael Kors trend.

If she smells quite bad (hopefully not!):

Perfume is a classic Valentine's gift.  I tend to go for quite bold manly tones so below is a list of the fragrances I wear:

Pull and bears perfume 'for her' - at 17 pounds for a bottle you can't go wrong.

Stella by Stella McCartney

See by Chloe

Darlinghurst by Gilly Hicks - now this definitely won't arrive in time for Valentines Day as it's an Australian based store but the perfume is worth it!

If she's a fashionista:

Now this one has been super hard for me to cut down. So I've created the perfect outfit that you can buy your girlfriend to wear on Valentine's evening. An LBD number teamed with all the accessories.

If she teams this outfit with some red lipstick she will look simply beautiful. Then for the jewellery, just follow my tips above!

If she's a foodie:

Yes, you can head to red letter days and take her for a nice romantic meal for two down the Thames, but I'm talking gifts here. Little gadgets for the kitchen are super cool and fun and if you live together you get to use them too!

Retro Milkshake Maker - I want one of those

Peanut Butter Maker - I want one of those

These two are so cool, I love things like this. You know the emoji with the heart eyes? I'm that emoji right now.

If she's a book worm:

It depends if your girl likes reading romance novels, non fiction, crime novels but I have got a list of 3 perfect books to read.

The Rosie Project - This is a really sweet, funny and endearing book.

#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso - obviously

The Cuckoo's calling by Robert Galbraith aka J.K Rowling - this is a crime novel which had me gripped throughout my holiday. I'm really sorry if you lose your girlfriend for the night!

If she's an exhibitionist:

Valentines Day wouldn't be Valentine's Day without a cheeky bit of 'sexy' underwear. I'm personally not one for OTT sexy, something sweet and understated makes you sexier in my opinion - just don't try too hard that's all I'm saying. Go with what makes you feel comfortable, not too comfortable. Believe me I would much rather be chilling in my comfy granny knickers than trying to be the next victoria secrets model!

If your lady is like me then accessorize is the way forward for pretty and cute underwear.

If she's a 'I'm trying to stick to my new years resolutions' kind of girl:

I'm just going with my new years resolutions but I'm presuming she's trying to lose her christmas bulge. WARNING do this subtly you do not want an upset girlfriend on the night of love and you especially don't want to insinuate that she has got fat over Christmas because it will be remembered on every Valentines day she ever has - trust me! What about a nutribullet, some new yoga pants, running leggings, trainers - basically just head to the nike store. Also, maybe buy some for yourself and you can add some romantic plea about how you'd love to spend even more time together exercising.

If she's a drinker: 

It's uncommon to find a lady who doesn't like a glass of bubbly from time to time so why not get her an extra large glass. This is a bit of a jokey present but I bet it comes in handy!

Giant Champagne Glass - I want one of those

If she really isn't a champers drinker then you can buy her the  Root 7 vodka zinger from amazon I got bought this for Christmas and it really works, I also use it for water too so it's a multi purpose zinger zinger.

Good luck with the gift buying!


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