Weekend Days

With LFW taking place I'm sure you feel the same as I do...

1. I need more clothes
2. I don't have a job/life where I can wear things like that everyday and oh my I wish I did!
3. How do I look fashionable enough but have my own twist/be comfy etc.
4. My feet can't handle those heels!

Well that's what I think anyway and I am here to help!

I have the perfect simple outfit that is so easy to create and I think the place to start is a decent pair of jeans. This is a task in itself and I feel you ladies - it's horrible! For my jeans I head straight to topshop you pay enough money for decent quality but they won't break the bank. The fit that suits me is 'Jamie' - they are high waisted ankle grazers. Soon I would like to invest in Levi's newest campaign '501 CT (customised and tapered)'. This is where you buy a pair of jeans two sizes too small for a snug fit or actual size or two sizes too big for a boyfriend fit - well I definitely want some and levi's are the way forward in terms of investment jeans (you just need to make sure you stay the same size!)

One tip I would give to any woman is wear something you feel comfortable in - not because it's high fashion, or because you think that's what you should be wearing - if you like it and it looks good then go for it! For myself being a size 12 makes life trickier because some fashions just aren't made for my body but other styles completely flatter my lady lumps. This is the same when it comes to jeans for example the boyfriend jean - it can make you feel frumpy and if you feel frumpy you will look frumpy because you'll be lacking confidence worrying whether your bum or thighs look bigger than normal!

Here is how I styled my weekend outfit - perfect for a casual date/nice easy dinner out.

Shirt - Revolva Vintage
Jumper - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Shoes - Primark

Style with - A big bag and either a sheepskin coat or to add a pop of colour a bold boyfriend coat

Obviously you can style the shirt on it's own but if you're not feeling very vintage/it's too cold this is the perfect way to style. In terms of vintage I know it can be daunting because it can be a bit 'out there' I know I'm repeating myself but if you don't feel comfortable then don't wear it or style it down like the photo above.

The chunky shoes are another feature I wanted to pick up on - if you're still trying to get rid of the christmas turkey cellulite then chunky shoes immediately make the legs look slimmer - it adds extra height too!


  1. Cute, comfy outfit! Loving that jumper.

    <3 Vivi Lien

  2. Thank you! Topshop are great for knitwear - It's super comfy.

    Sophie x

  3. Thank you! Topshop are great for knitwear - It's super comfy.

    Sophie x


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