Why I couldn't handle the cocowhite hype...

To give you lovely lot a break from the valentines love posts and the amount of pancake photos spread across social media (although if you're like me I'm sure you're not complaining!)

I thought I would do a review on the coco white natural teeth whitener using coconut oil. This is an ancient old technique to improve general health according to ancient myth the oil is meant to extract all bad health from the body whilst doing this people discovered it made their teeth whiter. 

I started out with teeth like this (ignore the beaut chapped lips!) 

In regards to the process it's harder than you think. You have to swirl for 5-15minutes - as it turns out I'm not a good swirler! I ended up half swallowing the stuff which I'm sure isn't good for me so I stopped after 10 days. I did notice the difference in colour because it gets in all the nooks and crannys that you can't reach with a brush - however I just couldn't keep the oil in my mouth for that length of time and for some reason I got worse over the course of days.

I'm not saying I wouldn't recommend it to a friend because I definitely would the results are noticeable it was just my inability to swirl that let the stuff down! 

If you're worried about money then this probably isn't the way to go because you can buy coconut oil for a lot cheaper. However I'm not sure how good that will taste whereas this stuff is pretty tasty! The vanilla swirl flavour in particular is great but as a recommendation I would suggest the multipack first so you figure out which flavour you prefer. 


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