13 reasons why it's great to be a woman (woop woop!)

It's International women's day and we need to celebrate ladies! 

1. Our clothes are nicer than men's
2. We can have our hair long/short/curly/straight/fringe/no fringe/highlights/dye - pretty much any style!
3. We can give birth
4. We can have drunk toilet chats for hours with strangers without it looking weird
5. A night out with your girlfriends doesn't compare to a 'lads' night - we have more fun! 
6. No facial hair - well that's always a bonus!
7. Not that I'm very good at this but apparently we're meant to be good at mutlitasking?!
8. Multiple orgasms. That is all.
9. Cheaper car insurance - yes yes yes!!
10. YouTube is a gold mine for learning the art of make up and let's be honest how could we live without it?! 
11. Women can wear men's clothes and still look super cool
12. We are great at writing lists
13. Beyoncé is a woman


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