Casual Cool

I thought it was getting warmer but clearly I was incredibly wrong!

This outfit is perfect for a day out or a day date. You obviously don't need to layer up but I couldn't brave not having a couple of layers on or my legs may have fallen off!

Dress: Boohoo
Top: New Look
Watch: Olivia Burton
Rings: Pandora
Shoes: Vintage Converses

The Boohoo link isn't exactly the same dress as what I'm wearing as it has a different neckline. However they are pretty similar and you can still achieve the same look. You could also add a polo neck instead.

My watch is my day watch and I've mentioned it many times before but you can't go wrong with old Liv Burton!! Pandora rings are all the rage right now and they're cute so who can blame us all! Not that you can see that clearly in this photo but I'm wearing two necklaces from Boohoo which are like too mini coins - so sweet and such a good price.

This would look great with some adidas superstars but I haven't got my hands on any yet (they're on my birthday wish list!). 

I added Chanel rouge lipstick to this look. A bold red to lift a fairly plain colour combo. 

Team with a rucksack, novelty bag or tassel bag with a bomber jacket and your look is complete. I recommend Asos for the bags and Topshop for the bombers.

Happy shopping!


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