Staying in this weekend?

If your bank is looking anything like mine then I'm sure you're staying in this weekend. Myself and my boyfriend made this tasty meal on Valentine's Day but everyday should be Valentine's Day!

To start:

You have to kick off the eve with a bevvy bev! The pair of us love Fresita which is a strawberry sparkling wine but this is sometimes quite difficult to find - So we made our own! We whizzed up some warmed strawberries with sugar for a bit of extra sweetness. Left to cool and then poured into a glass of champagne.


We made scallops - my favourite starter ever! It's a BBC good food recipe (link below) and I strongly recommend - it's very, very tasty.

BBC Good Food - Scallops


Well for those of you that know me I'm obsessed with burgers - so that's what we had! We bought some burgers from Morrisons and tried something new...macaroni cheese on a burger... IT WAS AMAZING!! We cooked the macaroni cheese earlier in the day then fried it later on to reheat sprinkling some grated cheese on top which goes all melty and crisp...nom nom nom. We added crispy maple bacon and mushrooms as well. (This is not a diet friendly meal!) To accompany it we made sweet potato fries, onion rings and a simple side of spinach (but you could choose any type of salad)


A simple Banoffee Pie - Buy a tin of Carnation Caramel and you've got the recipe on the side of the tin. We put ours into little ramekins so I didn't die from a heart attack after the main! We used Jamie Oliver's technique of the chocolate shavings.

Every night with champagne or just a general Sunday needs a breakfast like the one below:

(Cheese omelette on half a bagel topped with mushrooms and bacons, 1 sausage and beans. With a side of yogurt, banana and left over strawberry puree made for the champagne the night before)

Enjoy your weekend in!


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