Theatre Outfit

Going to the theatre is one of the best things ever.  On Saturday I not only got a fringe cut in but I also went to see Cats for the fourth time!! (Lucky me!) The show was great and it is so magical. The main reason why I'm doing this post is obviously because I had to show you what I wore! What makes me sad is how nobody has to dress up for the theatre anymore...well I do!

Jumper: Topshop
Dress: Topshop
Tights: Sainsbury's
Shoes: Primark

I'm in my favourite jumper again - with a white shirt dress. Black thick tights and my favourite shoes of the primark loafers.

In the summer I will be pairing the dress with some sliders or some brogues. It could be worn over some jeans but the fit could make you look like you're trying to cover a baby bump - well it did for me when I tried it over jeans anyway!

I wore urban decay lipstick in the colour 'naked' and matched this with a tan bag and boyfriend coat - it was a pretty all black outfit but you can add a pop of colour with a bold boyfriend coat. A camel coloured boyfriend coat would have added more class to the outfit - in true theatre style!


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