Why being a hoarder sucks...

I am a not so secret hoarder. Hopefully my love for hoarding won't end up like those people on the telly but as a fashion lover I can't help but keep clothes! My room at uni and at home are bulging with stuff - that's two rooms full of clothes, paper and junk (eek!) I am writing about why it is awful to be a hoarder and the consequences that come with it.

1. Your room is never tidy.
2. Then it is too much of a chore to tidy so you just avoid it and let the hoarding grow.
3. People moan when they look into your room.
4. People just avoid coming into your room or even coming round just because they can't bear it.
5. Friends, flatmates, boyfriends and family just laugh/are repulsed by your room.
6. You can't find anything.
7. You overuse the term "It's organised chaos"
8. You only wear/use things once or twice yet keep it for a minimum of 5 years.
9. Chucking away 'memories' - as in a wrapping paper from your 18th birthday present brings you close to tears.
10. It adds serious stress to your life.
11. Ebay?! What is Ebay?!
12. When you do finally sort your life out and try and get rid of things you can't remember why you kept that item in the first place.
13. You will never have a wardrobe that looks like this (a girl can dream!)...

14. But more like this...

(which then spills onto the carpet and everywhere else in your house!)

Happy Hoarding!


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