Birthday: Part 3

The final part of my 21st birthday celebrations is my high tea party. I was at home for my Birthday and gosh does my mum know how to do put on an excellent tea party spread?!

I'm no baker but the day before myself and my mum were on the Mr Kipling vibe. (Recipes to follow)

Firstly, here is what I wore (Poor quality shot because I wasn't ready in time - AGAIN!):

Jumper: Made by me - yes that's right, you read it correctly! 
Cullotes: Primark
Shoes: A little shop in Italy

To go into further detail about the jumpers - This is one of the exciting projects that I've been trying to juggle along with everything else. Supp (shake ur pom poms) jumpers by Sophie Edwards are available to buy from today. Email me at to discuss custom made styles for the price of 35pounds.

Although the jumper is covered by my beautiful baby niece you can see the poms. This particular jumper is called Cloud 9.

Exciting stuff!

The absolutely DELICIOUS spread (Recipes underneath):

Homemade Carrot Cake Cupcakes - These were my favourites that I made.

I love pineapples and my talented cousin made these beaut cake pops!

My amazing birthday cake bought for me from my parents, from an excellent cake maker.

The Pastry Free Quiches - so light and fluffy!

Palm tree cake pops as well, made by my cousin.

Some of the items were shop bought (cheeky!) - such as the scones, the Victoria sponge and the macaroon mix.

The other items:

Cheats lemon posset - This is a recipe from my boyfriend's grandma so I hope she doesn't mind me sharing. It's so simple and easy to make - natural yogurt, lemon flavouring and lemon curd. Mix together to your ideal taste and swirl some lemon curd through for presentation...simple pimples!

A selection of sandwiches.

I hope you've all enjoyed reading the final part of my Birthday celebrations.

Don't forget to get in contact with me about jumpers if you're interested. 

Have a lovely weekend!


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