National Biscuit Day

Who needs a thrilling Friday night out when you can take a look at my top 10 biscuit countdown to celebrate national biscuit day?!

10. The Digestive - oh so versatile the perfect biscuit for any occasion, tea, coffee, savoury or sweet. A digestive topped with some brie is my idea of a fun night in!

9. Shortbread - The almighty heart attack all butter biscuit had to be on here. I consider this a classic winter warmer biscuit, especially at Christmas. 

8. Bourbon - I'm not a massive chocolate fan, but this I can take. 

7. Ginger Nuts - A granny fave. These remind me so much of my Grandma, I used to be fed these when I'd had too much chocolate to make my tummy feel better. Ginger is so good for you, so this biscuit is basically a salad.

6. BN's - Anything with faces is obviously going to add a smile to your face. Vanilla and raspberry flavours are my favourites. You can't help but hum the song when taking a bite! *BN BN hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmm*

5. Jammy Dodgers - The miniatures of these in my lunchbox when I was a child made me extremely happy.

4. Nutter Butters - It wouldn't be a blog post by me if I didn't have something involving peanut butter! The American biscuit is a bit sickly sweet but so nutty and good.

3. Oreos, Oreos, Oreos - You can twist, lick and dunk this biscuit. The American's have done it right.

2. Biscoff - The mighty hotel biscuit, the spread of this is even better. If you haven't tried it - go, now, go to the local shop, even in your pjs, go, go, go.

1. This may be considered granny central but custard creams are the absolute bomb. You heard it here, my favourite biscuit!

Happy dunking!


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