Larsson and Jennings

For those of you that follow me on instagram @thecrackedmirrorproject you may have noticed this posted the other day:

I thought it was time to show you what is in the bag!

As mentioned in my Birthday favourites video on YouTube, I was lucky enough to be given money from family and friends which I wanted to spend on something special - a difficult task! I finally chose to spend my money in lovely Larsson and Jennings. I have looked at these watches for the past year or so and their watches have been on my wish lists for ages.

Due to it being my Birthday treat weekend from my boyfriend, before heading to the hotel we both decided it would be nicer for me to head to the London store on Monmouth Street to kick off the celebrations and boy am I pleased we did?!

Firstly the shop is so simple and elegant - so to my taste. Easy and no nonsense faffing, love it!

I was then asked if I wanted a cup of coffee, due to the brand coming from Stockholm a saying was said from the lovely girls working in the shop that I can't remember (oops!) but I do remember what it meant 'coffee with friends' this was a lovely touch and immediately made myself and Sam, feel incredibly welcome.

I thought I knew which watch I wanted but oh my was I so wrong - after about 15 minutes of trying on beautiful watches (heaven!) I finally decided which one was meant to be mine:

I can't fault the service in the London store and would like to thank the amazing girls for making it so simple and easy. Excellent customer service and a massive recommendation.

Be sure to check out the website - Larsson and Jennings


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