My Graduation Dress Picks

Graduation season is fast approaching - mine is next week ah!!

I know it can be very stressful finding a dress and outfit simply because that cringey fake library back drop graduation photo will remain on every member of your family's mantlepiece for the next 20 years. 

There's so much fear in planning these sort of special days - what if I have the same dress as someone else?! Why has my uni got such an ugly colour sash?!

Have no fear - I'm here to guide you through one of the most important days of your life. Let's rock this milestone! #Pardonthepun!

Although yellow is a bold choice and not to everyone's tastes. You will certainly look super summery, on trend and be generally cool when you've got your cape on in the heat. If yellow doesn't take your fancy Topshop do a range of colours. It's also a dress you can wear again, in a dressed down, casual look. I think this dress is the pure example of 'less is more'. 

Well I love this dress. It may clash a little with the colour of your sash but it's so worth it. 

I think white is always a good colour to go for, not only in the summer but it gives you so much scope with colours of your sash and will make you feel quite cool in the sun. 

I had to show you this dress, the top picture is so elegant and has an air of Audrey Hepburn. Again a plain fairly nude colour is very versatile.

I love this dress!! It's just so pretty and feminine. This is perfect for cape on and cape off moments!

Who said you need to wear a dress to graduation?!

Have a fab day and happy shopping!


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