Matador Stylin'

Long time no see for a busy bee like me - yes and I rhyme! I've been busy working, finding jobs, seeing friends, going on holiday (what a tough life!) and I finally have time to catch up on bits I have missed. 

You may also notice that I've gone for the hair chop!

For those of you that didn't know, I got back from Portugal on Saturday and whilst I was away I couldn't resist taking a little visit to the shops, well Zara to be exact!

 I find so much more stuff than I do in the UK stores - although I've never not got my hands full in the UK stores either!

I came across this amazing Matador, 70s styling lightweight jacket. Which is perfect for this weird old weather we have going on right now, as well as leading into the autumn months. 

I know the jacket has now gone into UK stores (YAY!) as it's all over instagram but I wanted to show you how I styled mine:

Jacket: Zara
Vest: Topshop
Jeans: New Look
Shoes: Bank
Watch: Olivia Burton

If you wanted more of a 70s vibe - you could add bootlegs or flares with a chunky heel or clog. 

The fit is also good if you're carrying a little extra holiday weight or if you want to smuggle some more clothes out of Zara! (I joke, I promise!)

The detail is just so pretty I had to do a close up. You also don't have to do up the tie and leave it hanging open but I got chilly today!

P.S I'm wearing Kiko lipstick from their new collection - shade 90.


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