Work life balance

This is my first post in a long while and I'm writing it sat on a busy rush hour train. Full to the brim of bundled up London commuters with scarves, hats and coats, thankful to grab a seat just like myself. 

I feel and having been meaning to give a little explanation to the lack of posts in the last six months. I've struggled to write a post in a long while because I'm still figuring out my routine after getting my first full time job after graduating. (No it's not a decent excuse but it's happened!) I can safely say that it's definitely been a adaption to say the least! Not only have I had to fit into work life but I've had to adapt to commuting life too - no 2am Netflix binge sessions for me anymore! 

The work life balance is a tricky one to cover because what even is it? Nobody can truly in their right mind know because everyone is different.

For me, and I'm sure many other grads. I feel I have to prove myself in my job role due to the fact I'm young. This isn't down to the company I work for or for anyone else but for me personally. To have satisfaction in the fact that I know my employers made the right decision in hiring a very, very new graduate. In all honesty what I have struggled with the most and what my mum always tells me is 'wanting to run before I can walk.' As in, I want to take on all the tasks in the office to prove that I'm a worthy millennial to have in the team - silly I know! I'm slowly learning to take it one step at a time and I work hard. So why do I always feel a pang of guilt when packing up my things dead on the finishing time? I get in half an hour early everyday anyway? Have I not got enough work in my life balance? But here I am six months down the line in a great job where I haven't continued my hobby. That's not a work life balance either! 

It was world thinking day on Monday and it got me thinking (how ironic!) that I need to make time for my blog because it literally won't write itself. I've given it a little spruce and a different vibe but I wanted to take this opportunity to explain firstly why I haven't been posting and secondly that I will be popping up on your mobiles, tablets and computers a lot more whether you like it or not! 

No I haven't got the work life balance sorted yet and I probably never will because there is no such thing in my eyes but I will be seeing you all again a lot more often. 


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