Berners Tavern

Don't know where to head this weekend? Have a new outfit you want to wear but don't have anywhere to wear it to? Well I've got the answer for you on this pay day weekend... The Berners Tavern!
 Part of the Berners hotel the Berners Tavern is a perfect romantic spot with dim lighting and beautiful decor to share the experience with a loved one or a great place to celebrate with friends and family in the buzzing atmosphere. With  the restaurant catering for larger groups by seating them on round tables (a round table is the best when in a bigger party!). Situated just off of Oxford Street it's ideal if you want to head out for drinks afterwards to continue your evening but you'll feel more than satisfied if you head straight home. You may even spot a celeb or two!

As much as the atmosphere is lovely and definitely adds to your experience. You're there for one thing and one thing only - the food. And I'm not going to keep you waiting any longer! 

To kick start:
A dill or no dill gin based cocktail. Very light and refreshing.

To start:
I couldn't decide between the salmon tartar and the prawn cocktail. The lobster jelly that accompanied the prawn cocktail really intrigued me. I had our waiter choose for me and he recommended the salmon tartar. I love a salmon tartar and it's freshness. Mixed with dill, lemon and crème fraîche it was perfect before my hefty main (wait for it!). Plus, not going for the prawn cocktail definitely gives me an opportunity to go back - smart huh?!

Sam, went for the pork pie served table side and boy oh boy it didn't disappoint. Wheeled out on a cart a small shoe box sized pie was carved in front of us and the portion that was cut was not for the faint hearted. It's perfect presentation was breathtaking. Served with three different varieties of mustard (all a perfect quenelle), piccalilli and an array of fresh veg - it was delicious! I managed to wangle myself a bite as we're both Joey Tribianni's and aren't good at sharing food but I'm pleased I was allowed to try. I'm not a massive pork pie fan but this was on another level.

The middle:

Now I'm not proving myself to be a true Joey Tribbiani but we had to share our main as we ordered the chateau Briand for two. OH MY GOD. It was amazing. I was originally torn between the cod (which looked delightful) and the Mac and cheese but after ogling the couple's mound of food next to us we had to order the same. Not only was the steak cooked to perfection it comes with the Berners tavern famous Mac and cheese - killed two birds with one stone. The Mac and cheese was delightful, topped with Ox tail and a bone marrow crumb I couldn't get enough of it but just a warning it's incredibly rich. I don't eat red meat that often and the Mac and cheese was the perfect accompaniment. We also ordered some broccolini on the side which is definitely needed. We made a good go of all the food but apparently like everyone else that orders the Mac and cheese and chateau Briand never finish. The staff at Berners tavern have cottoned onto this and wrap up your leftovers in a doggy bag to take home. Which in my opinion is a lovely touch - not only are we not wasting food I get to eat the yummy goodness all over again. WINNER WINNER!

To finish:
Despite being stuffed I can always find room for something sweet. Again, we shared (I promise I am a Joey Tribbiani) the strawberry éclair. It was beaut and the perfect amount to satisfy my small sweet tooth.

To top off:
An espresso martini served at the bar.
The staff were absolutely fantastic and Jason Atherton's menu is first class - absolute perfection. I couldn't recommend going here enough. I'd get booking shortly if I were you! 

P.S apologies for the image quality - it was incredibly dark and I didn't feel it was appropriate to put the flash on!


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