No plans for the weekend? I've got you covered! Bookatable have an amazing deal at STK for a three course dinner and cocktail for just £30!! Yes, you read that correctly... £30.

STK is a top global restaurant but the one in London is part of the ME hotel near Covent Garden. It's super popular and after tasting the food and seeing the decor I can understand why - amazing! 

The decor is obviously the first thing you notice, with the moody lighting and sparkling decor you're simply going to think 'very cool'.

You know me. I'm going to cut to the chase and talk about the food:

To Start

Wagyu Mini Beef Sliders 

If you haven't eaten wagyu beef before then please please treat yourself to some one time. It's pretty outstanding. These mini burgers were simply spectacular. 


Cod with Crispy Leeks and Mussels

The picture doesn't particularly do this meal justice but it was pretty delicious. Obviously STK is known for it's steak but I couldn't do two red meat dishes in a row. 

Accompanied with rib mac and cheese AND truffle chips - OMG. That is all.

To finish


A chocolatey peanuty pud. So good but so rich. 

We didn't stay late enough, but I believe the music 'amps' up a little on Friday and Saturdays and you can have a little boogie. However, even during the meal the music choices were fab! If you're not ready to go home at the end of your meal the Radio Rooftop Bar is right next door.

So as the Christmas season draws closer you don't need to stop wining and dining to squeeze more presents in with this fab deal - enjoy! 


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