Stocking Fillers

Hands up if you're a last minute Larry!

Less than a week to go - but don't panic I've got you covered with lots of stocking fillers for him and her below. It's all good, keep calm. You don't even need to leave your house, let alone your sofa - what's not to love?!


The Practical

Perfume is a pretty standard present but do it right with some Jo Malone. Even if it's not perfume you fancy splashing the cash on, how about a candle? My favourite scent is White Jasmine and Mint.

You can never go wrong with socks. Try these from ASOS

I love the scarves in Zara and this picnic blanket style can keep this lady cosy all winter.

A bag is a must in times of crisis (like leaving things to the last minute!) but don't pick any old bag. Either a Longchamp or Modalu rucksack or body should do the trick. 

A diary or calendar is MEGA practical. How about this organiser from OHH DEER at ASOS?

A beanie hat is a staple for the wardrobe but how about mixing things up with this one from New Look

Life can sometimes get the better of us so these next two are for a woman that needs to put her feet up and just chill out. A magic set of cards from JOY and a terrarium garden from Paperchase.

The 'Blinger, Blinger' Chicken Dinner

Jewellery is a staple but be subtle, please for the love of God!

How about this necklace from Pretty Lavish?

The Joker

Funny bits are all part of the Christmas stocking. Have a look at some of my suggestions:

The Bookworm

The Chef


The practical

Men are typically known as hard people to buy for but if you follow my steps for the women you'll be just fine!

You can't go wrong with socks. Check out these ones from Topman.

Shirts from Charles Trywhitt are a must with this cute tie from ASOS.

Mindfulness colouring is just as important for men but it HAS to be cool - you've got this with this hipster colouring book from Paperchase

Going away how about a weekend bag from ASOS ?

And obviously he needs some hair styling so why not buy some Black Label? David Beckham uses it you know! 

The Joker

The Chef

The Bookworm

Happy Shopping!


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