2016 Highlights

2016 has been a weird and wonderful year for many reasons. Yes, we've had some dodgy political votes which I'm not going to get into now but I wanted to talk about my own personal achievements as well as lessons learnt. 

Buying our first house - this has to be my biggest achievement of the year (or for the next 10!)
Italy - I was lucky enough to go back to the beautifully spectacular Lake Garda with my love. Read about it here

Berlin - I got to experience Berlin for the first time and what a treat! Such a cool city, from drinks at  Club Der Visionäre to the moving remains of the Berlin Wall. 

Cannes - I got to experience the unreal, insane and manic world of Cannes Lions with work. The biggest advertising event and awards show in the media industry calendar. To have achieved this in a junior role is an honour and privilege and I took the opportunity to learn more, meet incredibly talented people and gain some serious inspiration

Something to learn in 2017...

Be patient - I'm a Taurean and this is naturally very hard for me. I need to learn that things don't happen overnight. Just because certain things aren't happening for me right now doesn't mean they won't happen ever. For example sorting out the flat - pigeon steps Sophie, pigeon steps!

Something very personal...

A few days ago we lost a wonderful woman, my Grandma. This was obviously not a highlight of mine and something I'm still coming to terms with but seeing what she achieved in her 94 (YES 94) years definitely is a highlight. A remarkable woman who will not be forgotten. 

May your 2017 be full of health, wealth, love and happiness. 


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