Valentine's Dinner Ideas

Another post for the last minute Larry's out there, who haven't organised something to do for their significant other. I've got you covered! With my tops picks of where to eat or maybe where to take your date so you're sure to impress them. Some of the places suggested may be fully booked so this may have to be an IOU scenario, but cook a decent meal tomorrow night and that'll win them over. 

As you know this is a fave of mine. Traditional hearty British food with a big sprinkling of 'je ne sais quoi'. Don't know why you should go? Well the Mac and cheese is worth it but find out more by clicking the link above.


I never did a post on my evening at sketch as I was too engrossed in the decor - I didn't even take any photos of my dinner!  

*Apologies for the blurry image - not quite sure what happened!*

Bob Bob Ricard

PRESS FOR CHAMPAGNE people. Again, I'm a terrible blogger and never did a post because I was way too engrossed with the champagne button and the delightful food. 

If money's a bit tight, Bookatable do a fab deal (maybe not for Valentine's Day!) but again you could always book for a couple of week's time with a little note in your partner's card. 

Dans Le Noir

Dinner in the dark. One of the best/weirdest dining experiences I've ever had. Also, if you don't really like the shoes your date is wearing - it's ok because you're in the dark!

The Social Eating House

Another smashing triumph from Jason Atherton!

If your date isn't a much of foodie - get rid of them! (Joking) but you could always take them to...

'The Play That Goes Wrong' Series

This play is absolutely hilarious. The theatre company have loads of different plays throughout the year. 

Air Hop

For a bit of bouncy fun, you can flip your loved one into a foam pit, off the walls and challenge them to a basketball shoot out. 

If none of those too your fancy, here's some more restaurants left on my bucket list for inspo...

- Sushi Samba
- Duck & Waffle
- Dishoom
- Sticks n Sushi
- Flesh & Buns

Enjoy your Valentine's night!

P.s. You can never go wrong with a lobster roll from Burger & Lobster!


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