Is it Spring or Winter?

This weird old weather has got me all over the place I feel I should have my sandals on but can't quite tuck away the woolly jumpers just yet. What is up with that? It's freezing then sunny then freezing again! 

I'm of course wearing my fave big ol' roll neck from Matalan. Admittedly this is VERY thick so maybe opt for a lighter jumper. 

The red leather trousers are so fab but if you're curvy on the bottom like me then it's difficult to get the fit quite right. These are pretty big around my waist. 

If leather isn't bold enough for you perhaps try a PU trouser. Maybe not in red but find some black ones - avoid when the sun comes out again (very sticky and you might end up like Ross from friends in his leather trousers!)

I didn't do a close up of the stans just because we all know what stans look like!

Trousers: ASOS (ONLY £11 in the sale!!)
Jumper: Matalan

P.S these were taken a while ago so the hair has changed quite a bit! 


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