National Burger Day

So it's National Burger Day once again. Or 'The day of dreams'. And most of you will know that I absolutely love them. I've taken time out of my Thursday to whittle down my all time favourite burger.  

Before I reveal my favourite, I thought I'd talk about how I've got to my answer. I've eaten a lot of burgers. This is most likely part of the cause of not being a size 8. But when something tastes so good who needs to be? I'M CURVY AND I LIKE IT.  

From STK's mini sliders, to burgers in Berlin. It's mega tough to cut down. I've had burgers in Dublin, Patty & Bun London, Meat Liquor Brighton, Byron, GBK, and many, many more. I've even tried perfecting the homemade burger. 

I've tried a multitude of toppings but there's one for me that I always think of when I think 'burgers'. 

Meat Liquor - Brighton

STK - London

Bunsen - Dublin

Patty & Bun - London

My ultimate favourite burger is *drumroll please*.... 

Five Guys.  

I'm sure a debatable choice. However, I have my reasons. Firstly it's Fast Food, in a diner experience and I love the old school diner feel. I also feel they were one of the first 'proper' burger joints to hit the UK. Although I love a pop up and a fat burger with loads of toppings. Five Guys offers a neat, tidy packet. . I also am a huge fan of peanuts and the fact that everything is cooked in peanut oil makes the experience ten x better. 
So what do you put on your Five Guys burger I hear you ask?! (You might not care at all but I'm going to tell you anyway!) 

I get the bacon double cheeseburger. 
Grilled Onions 
Grilled mushrooms 

Simple. Brilliant. And bloody delicious.  

Although this is my burger of choice. My opinion is subject to change and probably will when I try a new burger later on today. I've still got a lot of burgers on my bucket list. I've only scratched the surface. Bring on supersize me!!  


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