They call me mellow yellow...

I take so many outfit photos that I'm constantly playing catch up with my own blog because I never give myself enough time to write. I've had this week off of work so have tried to put some time in.

I always find having a week off, but not going away a bit weird - but I'm no millionaire so can't keep taking time off and jetting off around the world. 

That doesn't mean I haven't been missing being on holiday though and since the sun has been shining today so it's got me reminiscing of my time in Guernsey at the end of August. 

Despite it now being October I'm going to try hard to keep some pale clothes in my wardrobe throughout autumn rather than hiding under black, grey and navy (they're still my fave - but I'm trying).
Although the outfit below might be better suited with a jumper, jacket and baker boy hat you can still enjoy the sunshine and an Aperol Spritz any time of the year! 

Trousers: Next
Shirt: Zara
Sandals: ASOS (Now £10.50 in the sale)

To add an autumnal twist, chuck on a jumper over the shirt and some boots for a truly 70s feel. Just make sure it hasn't been raining to not splash muddy water up the backs of your legs!


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