This is Halloween...

How is it already Halloween?! I feel like I was creating this Medusa look yesterday! 

If you haven't got an idea of what you want to go as for your Halloween party this weekend this look is a pretty easy and cheap way of doing so.

What you'll need:
- Face paint
- Smokey eye kit
- Fishnets
- Green and silver hairspray 
- Fake snakes 
- Fake eyelashes
- Hair clips
- Hair spray 
- Hair gel
- Fake blood (optional) 

First of all get your Amazon prime ago and order everything but the smokey eye kit right away.

How to do it:

Start with a white base all over your face and then put the fishnets over your face and dab the green face paint over the top. I created a spooky contour with the black, when layered over the white and green it turns into a grey.

Remove the fishnets - very carefully.

Add your smokey eyes, however you like to do them, fake eyelashes and add on and a dash of black lipstick. 

Next for the hair...

Pick up some hair gel and twist a section of your hair into little snakes and pin pointing in different directions. Hair spray in place. Pin the rubber snakes into your hair. Then go crazy with the green and silver hair spray. 

Wear a silver outfit and you're now a spooky but cool Medusa. 

Happy Halloween! 

P.S be prepared to spend a long time washing your hair - the green takes a while to leave. 


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