Valentine’s or Galentine’s - where you should head

Valentine’s Day. It’s come round once again. A day of the year bursting with love hearts, roses and sickening PDA. If it fills you with dread, then I feel you sister!

As we’ve already established – I’m not particularly a fan of Valentine’s Day. That probably makes me a right old Cupid scrooge. Especially to the singletons who are probably thinking F*!# OFF – you’ve got a boyfriend. 

Yes, you’re right I do and I’m in a loving relationship. But I don’t need to be told to tell my other half that I love him on one day of the year. I also don’t want to be seen as ‘that girl’ who posts way too much info on their relationship – I know we’ve all been there, even if it’s back in the Bebo days! However, I can’t help but feel that the people constantly share their love life aren’t generally very happy in their relationship. Why not share your love in a different way rather than updating your status on Facebook? 

The pressure on Valentine’s Day is so high and I blame social media for that pressure. Everyone trying to battle it out for who got bought the biggest bunch of roses. No thanks. It also doesn’t just stop at the bunch of flowers though, it’s the gifts and the dinner reservations. Who can beat who at the fanciest restaurant. When actually in reality everyone is thinking, how the bloody hell am I going to pay for this and racking up an even bigger credit card bill. 

Although I moan, I do sit in the camp that if I didn’t celebrate at all I’d feel really quite upset. That doesn’t mean I need to be showered with rose petals, teddy bears and chocolate hearts (although what a dream!). But the day needs to be acknowledged (see the pressure creeping back in). If it’s agreed that it’s just a simple night in, then that’s cool – but I still expect candles and wine. I also expect this all year round though. Does that make me a bad person? No it doesn’t. So I don’t see why this has to be celebrated once a year. 

Bringing it back to the singletons now.  

I have been single on Valentine’s Day and I’m not going to put this lightly here. Yes, it sucks. It sucks massively. Not only are you alone but you also see the battle of biggest bunch of roses being shoved down your throat. But ladies, this is when you need Galentine’s day. Quite possibly the best thing to come from Valentine’s Day EVER and I’m pretty jealous that you all get an extra day to celebrate together. 

Round up those amazing girlfriends of yours and have the best night of your lives. Drink and eat to your hearts content, because you don’t need a man to make you happy. PREACH IT SISTER! You need truffle arancini balls and a decent glass of vino, that’s what you need. 

For you Londoners out there you should head to Vagabond with your best group of gal pals. It’s a great wine bar and there’s a few dotted around London, I recently went to the one on Charlotte st. Yes, you’ll be surrounded by some pretty vom worthy couples but you’re also surrounded by 50 bottles of different wines to try – so who’s the real winner here?! You are.

I recommend you try a couple of tasters of the wine, but in a group buy a bottle (or 5) and share that way amongst a group of you. And also order the truffle arancini – they’re to die for! 

Whatever you get up to, have a fab Valentine/Galentine Day! 


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