I’m Sophie and I’m a...

I’m Sophie and I’m a spendaholic. 

I write this as I’m sat on holiday and have ordered my third parcel to be waiting for me when I’m home. I mean, what a joke. I’ve paid a lot of money to go on holiday and here I am still spending money (that I don’t really have) on clothes that I’m buying, just for the sake of having a top notch Instagram account. That boosts my ego when people say ‘omg I love that dress’. But the reality is, that I have three wardrobes bursting with clothes at home. 

I spend so much money on clothes that my account is on £0 at the end of every month. I earn a decent salary but I’m no millionaire. Even though I behave like I am! With not really anything in savings and not much to show for my earnings other than a banging wardrobe full of pieces I probably won’t wear. I’ve decided something needs to change. This isn’t a worthwhile way to spend my hard earned cash. The amount I spend is insane, absolutely crazy.

I don’t know why I do it and I don’t know where it’s come from. But I do know that I have a problem and it needs to stop. 

I have challenged myself to spend my money elsewhere and go on a clothes spending ban until the 1st September that’s just over three months - oh dear lord! Right now, I actually don’t know how I’m going to do it. Maybe the Bicester village trip I’m pre-booking with my sister and Mum in September might be the end goal?! 

I’m sure you’ll get updated with panic, regret and general cold turkey feelings from my fingers not being able to tap at the apps. And all I can say is, I’m sorry in advance. 

So no, my instagram won’t be full of recent purchases but more digging out the clothes that I once fell in love with. Maybe I’ll even re-wear a few items. SHOCK HORROR. 

Update coming soon on this I’m sure. 

For now I’m deleting all the apps - WAH.