No Spend November

You may have noticed a few months back that I took a pledge to go on a spending ban. Well spoiler alert, I failed. I failed REAL bad.

I mean, they have it in their title, but I'm so influenced by influencers! Instagram is a torturous platform for someone trying to avoid adding something to their shopping basket. I scroll through ASOS like it's another form of social media. And I have a habit of bulk buying and keeping one or two items and sending the other four back. But that's still a lot of clothes. There you have it, all my confessions in the first paragraph of this blog post.

On average I'd say I get 10 new items a month. That's completely unhealthy and overwhelming, not only for my little flat, but my brain and my bank balance too. I'm also completely embarrassed that I'm even writing that down. No, I'm not splashing 100s of pounds on items, but it's still a hefty sum from my humble pay packet.

I recently watched Stacey Dooley's Investigates series on Fast Fashion and bloody hell, has it opened my eyes! I feed into an industry which is completely and utterly destroying the world in which we live in. As technology has grown and our knowledge as humans has also developed we've ended up making more of a mess, due to power and greed. Mostly greed. From the consumer to the CEO we're all making rash decisions to fill up our already bursting wardrobes or to reap the benefits from the fools like me who rush to a 10% off code.

And I've been thinking.

What do I really do it for?

Likes mainly.

I mean how sad and twisted is that?! I'm not even buying clothes because they make me feel good, a tiny weeny heart shaped button makes me feel good. But a role I have taken on through social media is a role of influence. Even though I'm not an influencer. I recently posted a photo where I was wearing a year old shirt and had a few people ask me why they couldn't find it online. And instead of feeling flattered that a shirt I love has still 'got it'. I felt guilty that they could no longer find it for themselves.

If you haven't watched the documentary I cannot recommend it enough. It really airs the fashion industries dirty laundry.

The fashion industry collections are no longer split into the four seasons. You now have 52 collections a year. How anyone can keep up it's a mystery. We sold a story that these things and they are literally 'things' will sell out soon - so buy it quick. We act upon impulse and oh guess what, it's still there in the Black Friday sale.

I've tried to start selling clothes through Instagram. Although I normally donate bags and bags to charity. I'm aware that from one bag I donate probably one or two items actually make it into the store and the others go in the bin. Hopefully not on a landfill site, but I have my doubts. I'd rather my clothes get a new lease of life in a loving home - like Toy Story for clothes!

Please join me on the No Spend November challenge. Second-hand shopping is allowed. Although I'm avoiding for the whole month.


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