Please don't point and laugh.

I'm going to start this by saying that my biggest pet peeve in life is women not supporting women. As I'm posting this on International Women's Day it's even more poignant that unfortunately there are still women in this world that don't feel the same as I do.

A few weeks back I was away for a spa break with some of the women in my family. I spotted a great opportunity for some outfit pics and quickly roped my sister into snapping away - much to her disgust. 

As I was stood in someone's doorway (which is always a delight and a ticking time bomb anyway) I clocked a group of girls to my left across the road walking in my direction. As they got closer I could see them all giggling, pointing etc. There was no one else there, other than my now turned Rankin sister and myself.

This might surprise you but...

I already feel like a knob posing away like I don't know the camera is there, you don't need to laugh and point to make that happen.

I could feel my cheeks blushing and this overwhelming sense that what I was doing was wrong. I immediately would have rather the door I was stood in front of swing open and be fronted with the owner than what I'd just experienced. Normally I'd be able to laugh this sort of thing off. The reason they burnt so much was that this was a group of women that did this to me. Not a group of lardy builders or men simply 'trying' to be funny and telling me to smile. A common denominator in the world of blogging and Instagram. This felt catty and mean.

Maybe I've been naive to believe that most women were on my page. I mean, we're in 2019. I don't think seeing someone having their photo taken in the street is that out of the ordinary.

We live in a world where women are constantly made to feel self-conscious. This is instilled into us from the day we enter the world. The language that's used with little girls is incredibly different from that of little boys.

'Oh aren't you a brave boy.' 'Man-Up' and so on.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think men have it easy either conforming to what society tells to be too. However, their egos are instantly boosted by the language used when growing up. Women are still made to feel like they can't achieve that of a man - or they can but they may not be paid the same. We're put in a box and yes we're cracking through that glass ceiling, but we've still got a way to go.

This is why women need to rally together. Perhaps rather than point and laugh at someone for having a photo in the street, how about say to your friends 'good for her' or even come over and praise that woman for doing something that you may not feel you can do. A lot of time and effort goes into these photos along with bravery. Putting yourself out there is no mean feat. We all need to be a bit kinder in this world.

Support can come in all forms and it doesn't have to be from a stranger. Social media makes us forget to check in on our friends because they look fine from the outside. Send that friend a message, like someone's photo that you admire rather than scrolling past in a rage because they're doing something different to you. If you don't want to support that woman, then unfollow. There's plenty of ways to show support and trust me it'll make you feel better.

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Sophie x


  1. Sophie, this is such a sad statement of the times but one we shouldn’t accept. What a well written piece and well done for sharing your experience as it highlights what is not right in our communities today. I reposted something on FB the other day about this and how we should all compliment others, tell them you love their style etc. Random acts and words of kindness and support can really change a persons day. Be impactful for the right reason, it’s not hard to do really. Keep up the good work. X

    1. Hi Sara, thanks so much for your kind words. I couldn't agree more! It's really sad that no one makes the effort. I think everyone is too scared to - which is even worse! x


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